Seastar  N559AW


Builder’s   Log




  Seastar hull w/windows on stand April 12th 2006              One of the lower wings, pontoons (wrapped), control rod, wing supports       


              Wing & horizontal stabilizers & elevator                                     Crates with wings & tail boom still inside


   Seastar hull w/uncovered tail boom                                 Landing gear, brakes & shocks installed per Assembly Man. 4-22-2006


Landing gear reposition system needed some adjustment           Elevator & Stabilizer during covering process Sept. 5th 2006


    Rudder, covered & stretched w/Hipec  bonding to ribs


           Rudder installed  October 10th, 2006                                  Plumbing the Tail boom – epoxied into hull Oct. 2nd, 2006                                                            


      Sanding & preparing left upper wing for covering                                      Wing balanced on scaffolding


        Left wing ready for mounting October 26th, 2006                   Wing supported by strut – October 27th 2006


    Getting back to it – upper right wing Feb. 5th 2007                                            Upper right flip-side


    Covered and “doped” with Hipec Feb. 8th 2007                                        Another angle of upper right wing


       Trying the wings on – Feb. 11th 2007                                                     Starting to look like a real plane!!!


                      Lower wing prep work                                                              Lower right partially covered


         Lower left – bottom side doped with Hipec                            Lower left excess for wrap-over  Feb. 14th 2007



                                                                      Lower wings ready for mounting                                   


                     Getting’ there – Feb. 17th 2007-07-23                                                          Panel cutout


Installed brake Master Cylinders/ran lines Feb. 20th 2007        Used micro balloons around nav/position lights  Feb. 27th 2007


                                         Sanded and formed areas round nav/position lights Feb. 28 2007


         Progress on panel – March 19th 2007                                  Preparing to rig Rotax for mounting  March 21st 2007


And WHY could they have not put the mount on at the factory?                              Got it!!!  March 22nd 2007


                Now for the water cooling hoses                                          Only took 5 of us to hang it March 23rd 2007


                                                     Oil tank, radiator overflow, oil cooler & radiator on April 17th 2007


         Going in for painting May 1st 2007                                                            Back in its’ nest May 8th 2007


                                                                   Fitting for exhaust system May 12th 2007


                    Panel mostly done May 14th                                                         Starting work on windows May 26th 2007


                 Glass cut for doors May 27th                                            Strobe & Nav lights working May 28th 2007


                                                          Door windows glued in June 2nd


                Front window glued in June 9th                                                     Upholstery done July 8th 2007


                       Passenger Warning                                                                         N559AW on tail boom


                            Fireproof ID plate                                                           “Experimental” visible from both doors

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