Below are the document's that were necessary to Certify my Seastar.  At this point, you should already have your N-number.  The form to get your N-number must be an original.  There is no downloadable form on any website.  It must be obtained from your local FSDO or through the EAA or another source.  Key point:  YOU are the Manufacturer.....on this form put YOUR NAME as the Manufacturer (or your Company name)  NOT EDRA Aeronautica or AAC of Canada.....YOU are the Manufacturer!!!

Below you will find a PowerPoint presentation that covers most info needed but is actually made for Amateur-Built and is not Light Sport specific.  Advantage to Light Sport over Amateur Built is the required testing time reduced from 25 hour minimum to 5 hours.  The main point to remember is that it is YOU that Certifies the Aircraft to be Airworthy by SIGNING SECTION III of the Airworthiness Application

First you will need an 8130-6...........FAA 8130-6 

Next you (may or may not.....include it anyway) need an 8130-12.........FAA 8130-12  This form must be notarized.

Then there's the 8130-15..............FAA 8130-15 (I think this should actually replace the 8130-12 for LSA's but...(?)  NOTE: In Section IV - Certification, there are several words that need to be crossed out for Experimental LSA's.  It should show them crossed out on your monitor but they will not print crossed must do it manually.

You'll need a.............Program Letter

They're gonna wanna see a "Builder's Log"  I did a Pictorial Log in addition to a written "Timeline"  In the timeline, use the phrase "per the Seastar Manual" or "per the Rotax Manual"  i.e. Installed the engine mounting bracket on 7/19/2007 per the Rotax Installation Manual.  Here is my............... Pictorial Log

You'll have to have a Weight & Balance sheet.  I did my W & B with 2 gallons of ballast and 4 gallons minimum reserve fuel, (so if you're in a steep climb, the gas still gets to the carbs).  Here's mine in an excel file that automatically does the calculations......W & B

Along with the Weight & Bal. should be an Equipment List like..............Seastar Basic Equipment

Here's a checklist that's good to go over before the FAA or DAR goes through your plane........Checklist

Here's a PowerPoint presentation from the FAA that covers the Cert. process.............Certification

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